Out with an archeologist on the Mesolithic March Hill trail

Out with an archeologist on the Mesolithic March Hill trail

On Sunday 1st August we led a walk for around 25 folks on the Mesolithic March Hill Trail (see walk details on our main navigation of the link supplied here).

This was a guided walk to coincide with Marsden’s Yorkshire Day celebrations and the (delayed) launch of our new Mesolithic March Hill trail leaflet.

Amongst the walkers was our guest Archeologist, Stephen Poole, who has huge amounts of experience in digs and research related to the early to late ‘Stone Age’ period and the activity that occurred both at March Hill and the surrounding region (for example nearby Windy Hill).

The walk was really popular and we had some great feedback, for example,

“That was a good walk thanks. Talk fascinating. Handling the tiny little stone tools was an eye-opener.”.

Stephen brought along a range of flint scrapers, blades and tools with him, some really very small! he explained what they may have been used for and the wide time range they would have ‘evolved’ over in terms of style and size.

Below are some photos from the day:

IMG 20210801 135328 IMG 20210801 143458  01 IMG 20210801 WA0006

For more information about the mesolithic in Marsden, have a look at one of our organiser’s website with a resource page about Mesolithic Marsden’.

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