The Marsden Film & TV Trail

Distance : 4 miles/ 6.5 km
Time : hours
The cottage on The Green

A fascinating 4 mile* circular walk around the village of Marsden in West Yorkshire, that uncovers some of the locations made famous by film and television companies over the last few decades.

The walk starts and finishes at the railway station. A fun day out designed to suit all ages and abilities.

*Can be a 2 mile walk – see note after stage 8.

Many of the locations feature private houses – please respect the occupiers’ privacy.

How Tricky Is it? - The Marsden Film & TV Trail

This walk is graded as Easy

The Full Directions - The Marsden Film & TV Trail

  • From the railway station turn right and follow Station Road up over the railway bridge.

  • 1Dirker Estate

    Dirker Drive

    After crossing the bridge, turn right onto Reddisher Road leading to Dirker Driver.
    Continue on to the end of Dirker Driver where there is a bus terminus and you can see the Royal British Legion.

    In the Flesh – BBC 2013 – 2014

    The BBC supernatural drama was filmed at several locations around Marsden but most recognisable to fans of the show will be the Dirker estate with views of Shooter’s Nab in the distance across the valley.

  • 2Grange Street to Crowther Bruce Mill Road

    Railway bridge on Grange Street

    Turn right onto Grange Street, crossing over the railway and continue to the bottom of the road.
    At the junction turn right onto Marsden Lane and follow the road onto Warehouse Hill until you come to the mill with a road leading down to your left. This is Crowther Bruce Mill Road.

  • 3Crowther Bruce Mill Road to Brougham Road

    Crowther Bruce Mill Road

    Turn left down Crowther Bruce Mill Road and follow the road round to the right with the mill on your right all the way.
    Don’t miss the Tenter Posts on your left as you turn – a historic Grade 2 listed monument to Marsden’s industrial past and the reason why people use the phrase ‘on tenter hooks’.

  • 4Brougham Road

    Brougham Road

    At the junction with Brougham Road prepare to turn left.

    Sink or Swim – BBC 1981

    Peter Davison caused a stir when he arrived in the village to complete filming for the BBC sitcom in 1981. Davison had just been named as the new Dr Who and groups of local children gathered to get his autograph, much to the production team’s frustration. The series was set in London but when location managers needed a ‘Northern’ cottage for the main characters’ family home, they chose the ones to your right, opposite the mill on Brougham Road. The series also starred Robert Glenister

  • 5Brougham Road to Woods Terrace

    Woods Terrace

    Walk to the top of Brougham Road, cross the main A62 via the crossing and continue up the hill on Meltham Road.
    After approximately half a mile turn right into Woods Avenue. Continue to a crossroads then turn right into Woods Terrace.

    A Monster Calls – Film 2016

    Woods Mount was the unlikely setting chosen by the producers of the film based on the Patrick Ness novel, as Connor O’Malley, the central character’s home address. The 2016 movie featured a number of Marsden locations including Derby Terrace and Binn Road. The local charity shop also got a make-over as a vintage arts and crafts supply shop but never made the final cut.

    The League of Gentlemen – BBC 1999 – 2017

    Just beyond Woods Mount is the stunning moorland location for the infamous Local Shop. Access is by an old quarry track and features in our Deer Hill walk

  • 6The Woods Estate to Carrs Street

    Carrs Street

    Zigzag down through the narrow streets until you meet Carrs Street. Turn left onto Carrs Street and follow the road until you come to a junction

  • 7Carrs Street into Carrs Road

    Emerging onto Carrs Road

    Turn right and then left onto Carrs Road

  • 8Along Carrs Road

    Above Marsden Park

    Walk alongside the local Junior School and Marsden Park

    Banana – Channel 4 2015

    The cottages directly opposite the park proved to be just the ticket for Russel T Davies and producers when filming took place throughout the village

  • 9Optional shorter route

    The following section is quite hilly with a steep descent. If you wish, you can turn right at the junction with Peel Street and continue the walk from section 13.

  • 10Carrs Road to Mount Road

    Roundabout at the junction of Carrs Road and Mount Road

    Continue along Carrs Road towards the roundabout. At the roundabout, continue straight forward onto Mount Road and follow the road for one mile until you come to the junction with Old Mount Road.
    Turn right onto Old Mount Road.

    Spark House – BBC 2002

    Those with more energy can continue on Mount Road for another mile to the junction with the main A62. To your right you’ll see the Carriage House. Sally Wainwright’s re-telling of the Wuthering Heights story featured the pub – known as the Eagle’s Nest at the time – at the key break-up moment. The remainder of the series was filmed in the Calder Valley with locations chosen by the artist Peter Brook.

    In the Flesh – BBC 2013 – 2014

    From Old Mount Road you can see the series of reservoirs known as the Wessenden Valley. the location was used extensively in the series as a fenced off security area.

  • 11Old Mount Road

    The Cot on Old Mount Road

    Continue down Old Mount Road enjoying the far-reaching views of the Colne Valley.

    Sir Gawain and the Green Knight – BBC 2010

    Presented by local poet, Simon Armitage, the story begins in Pule Side Working Men’s Club – otherwise known as The Cot.

    Remember Me – BBC 2014

    Towards the end of the series, the story moved to the North Yorkshire village of Goathland (better known as the location for Heartbeat). Clark Hill Farm, on your left, was the setting used to represent Goathland.

    Between Two Women – Film 2000

    Before continuing past Clark Hill Farm, turn around and look at the views of the mills and village. At the end of this lesser known feature film, the couple meet and sit on a park bench – filmed at Beaumont Park, Huddersfield – but with the magic of cinema, the view that they look at is the one you can see from here.

  • 12Old Mount Road to Oliver Lane

    Crossing Manchester Road

    At the junction with the A62, cross over towards Towngate. Turn right and immediately after crossing the river turn left onto Weir Side.
    After about 20 metres, turn right onto Garfield Place. Follow the narrow street until you come to a red brick wall and turn left onto Oliver Lane.

    Last of the Summer Wine – BBC 1988 -2010

    In the mid-eighties, the producers of the long-running series began to move away from Holme Valley, filming more in the neighbouring Colne Valley. The first house on your right was Auntie Wainwright’s bric-a-brac shop from 1988-2000.

  • 13Oliver Lane to Market Place

    Oliver Lane

    Continue down Oliver Lane towards Market Place

    Wokenwell – ITV 1997

    The large building at the junction of Oliver Lane became the village police station in the six-part drama that centred on the lives of three policemen.

  • 14Peel Street to Station Road

    Peel Street

    Turn right on Peel Street, then left towards Station Road.

    Last Tango in Halifax – BBC 2012

    The Co-operative building was where Nicola Walker’s character worked in the first series.

    Walk Like a Panther – Film 2018

    Filmed throughout the centre of Marsden in the summer of 2017, this big budget movie featured the Mechanics Hall as the local pub known as the Half Nelson.

    Housewife 49 – BBC 2006

    The second-hand bookshop had a make-over to become the Red Cross shop in Victoria Wood’s drama.

    In the Dark – BBC 2016

    Immediately following the village fair and craft market in 2015, producers moved into the village to set up a, you guessed it, village market for this brooding crime drama. They even brought a rain machine!

  • 15Station Road back to the Railway Station

    Station Road

    Turn left onto Station Road and continue up the hill back towards the railway station. You will pass the junction with The Green and Victoria Street.

    Where the Heart Is – ITV 1997 – 2006

    1997 introduced the public to the fictional town of Skelthwaite and the lives of a group of district nurses who worked from Marsden Health Centre on Victoria Street.

    Coronation Street – ITV 1988

    When Mavis and Derek escaped to the countryside for their honeymoon they didn’t have to travel far from Manchester. They had, in fact, chosen to stay at the cottage on The Green and spend their time sitting by the River Colne (see cover photo).

    Remember Me – BBC 2014

    The majority of the series was filmed in the Colne Valley and the former vicarage on your left as you walk up the road, played a leading role in the chilling ghost story.